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Holy Shit Armageddon Party is a project based on an invitation theme to celebrate the end of the world. The theme itself is taken from the concept of indulgence from the Roman Catholic Church during the Medieval Period that led people to believe that they could buy their way into heaven. Using this idea of buying one’s way into heaven, it was translated into the modern- day theme of spam mail that makes people believe they’ve won something amazing. The salvation kit is in the shape of a holy bible. Inside the bible, it contains an invitation, a personal identification ticket that explains how to claim the first in line to heaven, and 3 bottles consisting of holy water, anointing oil, and wine. Finally, a salvation ticket is included as well. The idea of this project is that all the necessary steps provided in the salvation kit must be taken in order to get a spot in heaven.


Scott Laserow

Tyler School of Art / Spring 2016


Party invitation

HYEREE YANG      Graphic & Interactive Design